Fredric Aasbo’s Competition cars


Formula Drift 2015 Champion, Fredric Aasbo, has piloted a few cars over the course of his professional career. His love for the Toyota brand is pretty apparent when we take a look back at all his pro cars. Let’s take a short look into all of them, starting with everyone’s favorite, Chucky.


  1. Chucky

We’ve all seen the photos and videos online of that crazy drifting Supra, piloted by that one Norwegian guy in the late 2000’s. Who would have known that that guy and car would end up making their way to the Formula Drift stage? Fredric has always been behind the wheel of Chucky and it took him through his 2010 Formula Drift season and earned him the coveted Rook of The Year award. Chucky is actually still being used in FD competition today in the Pro2 class.


  1. Scion TC

Scion and Papadakis were looking for a new driver to pilot their car for the 2011 season after Tanner Foust stopped competing in FD. They all collectively decided that Aasbo’s driving of Chucky was good enough to give him a chance behind the wheel of Papadakis’s new TC. This 800hp 2AR Scion TC is what Fredric piloted in FD from 2011 to 2016. It brought him his very first podium, very first event win, and helped him become the 2015 Formula Drift Champion.


  1. Toyota 86-X

The very first drift-spec GT86 was built by Aasbo and his friends in their garage back in 2012. It’s also the very first 86 to wear the, now famous, TRA Kyoto v1 Rocket Bunny body kit. Yes, this car had the kit before Kei Miura’s rocked in on his own personal car. Fredric still drives this 2JZ-swapped 86 today at select Gatebil events.


  1. RS-R GT-86

While Fredric doesn’t pilot this car as often as he used to, it’s one that many people know about. This Toyota is what Fredric pilots when competing in Formula Drift Asia. It runs a scary NASCAR v8 under the hood. The guys over at RS-R know the 2JZ engine like the back of their hands but wanted to build something truly unique and opted for a TRD NASCAR engine because, why not.


  1. Toyota iM

Fredric’s newest competition car, the Corolla iM, seems even crazier than the Scion TC he used in FD before. The iM has been used for less than a single season but in that time, Fredric has managed to claim multiple events wins. In fact, because of this insane car, Fredric is now the winningest driver in Formula Drift History. It’s pretty crazy that his first ever win was a little over three years ago at the fourth round of FD in New Jersey.

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