Moab: The Center of US off-roading


A big part of American car culture revolves around the world of off-road. Some regard Moab as the mecca of US off-roading. Hundreds and hundreds of miles of untainted land make up what we know as Moab. While many visitors go for its scenic hikes, famous MTB trails, and activities around the Colorado River, car enthusiasts visit for its amazing 4×4 fun. Because of this, you’re almost guaranteed to find more Jeeps here than anywhere else in the world on any given weekend.


The great thing about the off-road trails surrounding Moab is that they range in difficulty as well. Whether you just picked up your brand new Wrangler or have a fully built FJ60, the trails will definitely suffice all that visit. Even if you aren’t big on off-roading, a visit to Moab is still worth the trek. The views alone will take your breath away.


We checked out Moab during Easter Jeep Safari, an annual gathering of thousands of die-hard Jeep fanatics. We tagged with Casey Currie as we followed him throughout his time wheeling around the difficult trails Moab had to offer. There were multiple times during the drive when we had to stop and just simply absorb the view. Sometimes, words and pictures simply can’t describe what we were seeing at times.


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