Round 1

Long Beach, California

Since Long Beach is local to me, I have a lot of favorites. If you drive north on the i710 about 30 minutes from LBC, you enter this glorious city of San Gabriel. San Gabriel is the Mecca of Asian foods. You will find Boiling Point here. It’s a Chinese hot-pot restaurant. Try the beef hot pot in spicy. The tiny free dessert they give you at the end is good too!


Round 2

Orlando, Florida

In Orlando, I went to this Caribbean restaurant called Bahama Breeze. They have a lot of great appetizers and cocktails. I had this one chicken dish there that was really good. It’s called the Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The Warm Spinach Didn’t and Chips were also yummmmmm.


Round 3

Atlanta, Georgia

My favorite spot would have to be Cracker Barrel. Their gravy biscuits were something to remember.


Round 4

Wall, New Jersey

Every year, my team and I drive about 45 minutes to this steakhouse called Arthur’s. They have the juiciest prime rib here and the best side dishes. And the prices aren’t so bad either.


Round 5

Montreal, Canada

Since we have only been here once, I really don’t have much 411. But I know we went hunting for poutine and the one place that was really good was Le Poutine Bar. It’s located in Laval by the track. This and good beer.


Round 6

Seattle, Washington

For about 6 years now, we have been going to Din Tai Fung in Bellevue for some juicy pork dumplings. We also have a DTF in LA but it’s a different experience when in Seattle. Here’s the run-down. Order the garlic spinach, juicy pork dumplings, pork chop fried rice, house chicken soup, and some red bean buns for dessert. Those are my favorites.


Round 7

Dallas, Texas

Out of all the things I’ve had to eat during my FD stops in Dallas, Waffle House is on top of the list here. My go-to order here is the America breakfast with Hash Browns All-The-Way. You have to order the hash browns all-the-way. It comes with all kinds of things that are probably very unhealthy. That and a cup of coffee is the super-meal of the day.


Round 8

Irwindale, California

Irwindale is another local city to my home. But if you drive about 10 minutes west from the speedway, you will be in Arcadia. There is this hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese restaurant called SinBala. They are known for their sausage rice. Order that with garlic on the side and thank me later. It will come with steamed cabbage and tomato corn on the side. So good! ”


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